LynnRae Ries
LynnRae Ries

"Ideas are one thing, making them happen is another", John Cage (1912-1992)
"Ideas are one thing, making them happen is another", John Cage (1912-1992)

Press - Outside Recognition

Informs, Raises Awareness and Mentors Others

LynnRae, her publications, volunteer activities and cooking school have been written up in:

  • the Arizona Republic newspaper
  • Home Business Journal
  • The Gluten-Intolerance Group Volume 26, 2003 (Fall 2003) Magazine
  • The Celiac Disease Foundation 2002 - 2003 newsletters
  • TV interview aired across the country 2006
  • TV interview on Arizona A to Z, Channel 3, November 2007

This recognition by sources outside of the gluten-intolerance and health field raises awareness in the community on the gluten-free medical issue and lifestyle.

This awareness building also provides a mentorship-type of format for others who desire to build a lifestyle or career around helping others.


The Arizona Republic Newspaper, Arizona Living Section June 19, 2003 carried an article on LynnRae Ries, Woman shows kids ways to cook, enjoy gluten-free diet. Article refers to the Gluten-Free Cooking Club/School, LynnRae's publications and the Celiac Disease Foundation quotes from Elaine Monarch. (Click Here for full copy of the article on this page)

Home Business Journal The Gluten-Free Cooking Club/School was featured in June 2003.

The Gluten-Intolerance Group (GIG) national newsletter Interview with LynnRae Ries in January 2004.

Sully's Living Without Magazine article entitled Behind Closed Doors - Properly stocking the pantry and fridge is the recipe for great meals made easy February 2004.

Articles, Columns and submissions by LynnRae Ries

Bread Machine Tips in summer 2003 of ScottFree. Click on to order your copy or sign up for newsletter. Article includes information on the benefits of using a bread machine; how to purchase within your budget; what features to look for; answers to the most common questions about purchasing a bread machine.

Follow up article in fall 2003 of ScottFree.

Articles printed in Celiac Disease Foundation's newsletter, a quarterly publication issued to members of CDF.

Recipes contributed to Authentic Foods, Nu World Amaranth and other companies to help their customers use their products in a tasty manner.